The BEST Watchband (for working on a laptop)


I’m a huge fan of watches – the design, style, and character – but I’ve stopped wearing them for the last three years because: a) time is now everywhere (mobile, laptop, etc.), b) the band/clasp constantly and irritatingly scrapes against my laptop and/or desk. That was until I found the FFF Stud Watchband.

The FFFSW is elegant, comfortable, and most importantly, (so far) is scrape-free because the clasp is located next to the springbar, and not under your wrist. It’s an ingeniously simple design that I hope stands the test of time. My only gripes are the price, $48, and that I must have very large wrists, because the stud on my band is on the last hole and it just fits.

I’ve been searching for a band like this for a long time, so just thought I’d share.

[UPDATE 10/1/13]: The leather band has stretched a bit, and I’m now at the second hole from the end, and I’m guessing it’ll keep stretching slightly over time. This is a good thing.

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